An emerging leader in Ontario’s fast-growing solar industry


Solray Energy is a developer of utility-connected solar energy projects in Ontario. With a current portfolio of 3 projects under contract with the Ontario Power Authority and 8 projects in early stage development, Solray is emerging as a leader in this growing industry. We endeavour to work closely with all interested stakeholders in our projects including landowners, the community, government, and environmental officials. All of our projects are developed in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by the Ministry of the Environment. Our main objective is to design and construct projects that are both environmentally and financially viable.

Interesting facts

  • Ontario will shut down all of its aging and polluting coal plants by 2014
  • The Green Energy Act will create more than 50,000 jobs in the clean energy sector
  • Over 60% of the equipment and materials in Solray’s projects will be sourced in Ontario
  • Solray’s projects will provide enough clean electricity for almost 3000 homes
  • For more information visit the Ministry of the Environment