Sunderland Solar Farm

Sunderland Solar Farm

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Important Documents:

First Notice of Proposal and Public Meeting (Click To Download)

Notice of Draft Release and Second Public Meeting (Click To Download)

Archaeological Assessments(Click To Download)

Water Assessment Report(Click To Download)

Noise Study Report(Click To Download)

Project Description Report(Click To Download)

Design & Operations Report(Click To Download)

Construction Plan Report (Click To Download)

Decommissioning Plan Report(Click To Download)

Natural Heritage Assessment – Records Review Report (Report 1) (Click To Download)

Natural Heritage Assessment – Site Investigations Report (Report 2) (Click To Download)

Natural Heritage Assessment – Evaluation of Significance Report (Report 3) (Click To Download)

Natural Heritage Assessment – Environmental Impact Study Report (Report 4) (Click To Download)

Cultural Heritage Assessment Report (Click To Download)

Consultation Report(Click To Download)

2nd Public Meeting Handouts (Click To Download)

Comment Sheet (Click To Download)

FAQs (Click To Download)

Notice of EBR Posting – Sunderland (Click to Download)