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Entrepreneurial Expertise:
Private Equity, Real Property & Renewable Energy


About Us


Private Equity

Solray Energy and its affiliates have invested in North American operating businesses since 1994. We are generalists and invest broadly in a broad array of industries including  education, transportation, entertainment, publishing, communications, manufacturing, agribusiness and financial services, among many others.


Real Property

Solray Energy and its affiliates have been in the real property development business for 80 years, over three generations. We have expertise in virtually every aspect of the industry ranging from land banking and development through finance, construction and property management. We are active in the office, industrial, residential, retail and institutional sub-sectors and geographically across Ontario Canada and select US markets.


Renewable Energy

Solray Energy has been an active developer of 

industrial scale, ground mount solar energy in Ontario Canada, participating in the provincially mandated FIT program Solray Energy successfully acquired, financed and developed greenfield renewable energy projects, as principal, for its own account. 


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Contact Us

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Solray Energy Corporation

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